Thanks to +Zapier now supporting Evernote reminders, I just consolidated my recurring reminders. This removes another external tool and, by extension, allows for much easier updating of those reminders if needed.

To do this, simply create a new Google Calendar and set up your recurring reminders as events in the calendar. Then create a new Zap triggered by the event start to create a new Evernote reminder. Simple!

Since Zapier runs constantly, the reminder won't be created in Evernote until you actually need it. This means you can change the reminder at any time and it'll work as expected in Evernote. Just remember that for time-sensitive recurring reminders, be sure to allow a 15m leeway for Zapier to do its processing.

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  1. I recently stated using Evernote for a lot more than just reference material as I integrated in my GTD workflow into it. So the answer to that is easy: Having everything in a single place that I can access from anywhere.

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