Subject: You need to get parcel in the office of Postal Service #43091

Dear Customer.

The delivery service couldn’t deliver your package.
The package weight exceeds the allowable free-delivery limit.
You have to receive your packagen personally..
Please print out the label attached to this message and pass it in to get your package in the office of the mail service company.

Thank you.
Post Express Service.

Does anyone fall for these?  Aside from the poor grammar and ridiculous notion that the “Post Express Service” (which doesn’t exist here in the U.S.) might be insane enough to attach .zip files containing supposed package labels to emails, the package label number on the subject line and the attachment don’t even match up.  Beyond that, the email was not only sent to me but to five other email addresses containing the name “dan”.   What boggles my mind is that someone was smart enough to program a virus and yet their delivery system is so illiterate and completely moronic that you can’t help but wonder how people like that can expect any success.

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